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July 23rd 2014
State-Of-The-Art Karts for the UK's Premier Circuit
Daytona Motorsport is delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new fleet of Sodi RT8 Karts at Daytona Milton Keynes from this Friday!
The RT8 390cc karts will be used for all Exclusive and Open Races and for all Senior Arrive&Drive sessions from Friday 25th July onwards.

Featuring a host of technological advances, the karts offer the best pro-kart driving experience available.
Daytona Motorsport launched their first fleet of Sodi RT8s at the Sandown Park circuit a month ago and have received really good feedback from drivers. Following our extensive testing on the International Circuit, we are confident that they will be welcomed by the Milton Keynes drivers!
If you want to be one of the first drivers to experience the brand new karts, book online or call us on 0845 644 5503 now!