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July 27th 2015
- 3MK Events, the organiser of the 2015 Sodi World Finals, has once again showcased the ever growing attractiveness of the Sodi World Series all over the world in managing the logistics of the event at RKC. Unlike ordinary competitions, the rewards are more widely shared within the two unusually intensive days with 270 drivers from five continents and their escorts in large numbers. Thanks to the incredible quality of the 2015 Sodi World Finals, karting enthusiasts had the joy of racing in an unforgettable event -

The distinction between pure and leisure karting competition is becoming smaller with the Sodikart strategy, which again and again reinforces its leadership in the world of karting. With the Sodi World Series, more than 30,000 enthusiasts can indulge in the joys of racing every year in more than 35 countries. Taking up very little budget and time, the SWS races still offer an amazing standard. Fans of classic competition would be particularly surprised by the talent of the best recreational drivers. Those who have experienced both worlds can attest to this.

During the Sodi World Finals, everything happens to ensure sporting fairness to a point that is rarely reached. The 100 brand new karts provided by Sodi were swapped between competitors each time out, to level out any small performance differences. Moreover, the machines are weighted according to the drivers weight so that everyone fought on equal terms. Finally, the two tracks of 1000m and 1200m, with very different profiles and the Cormeilles en Vexin site further expanded the possibilities. The progressively scaled points distributed in the Sprint Cup and Junior Cup increased the heat race after race, while giving time for newcomers to get used to the different tracks. The generally sunny weather gave way to rain on Friday night, to further vary the range of driving conditions.

At this stage, we should hail the remarkable achievements of the RKC team, under the strict supervision of Jean-Marie Vergne. With professionalism at all times, 50 people who took turns non-stop for over 36 hours to ensure that there were no missteps in the complex logistics of the event.

The event, broadcast live on the internet, saw strong popular and media success. Thanks to the particularly effective timing system from Apex Timing, it was as easy to follow the progress of the races and the changing rankings from the edge of the track as the other side of the world. The entertainment also succeeded, including the fireworks accompanying the Le Mans 24 hours type start of the 500 mile (12 hour) endurance race. Sodi gave their top drivers Anthony Abbasse and Arnaud Kozlinski the task of putting on a show using their powerful KZ gearbox karts. The public were entertained by their exhibitions which ended in smoke from the tyres overheated by slides, donuts and other stunts. The two champions also experienced the new two-seater 2Drive kart in unique conditions.

- Junior: Luff is consistent against Hahn -

Driving their Sodi LR5, the participants in the Junior Cup for ages 11 to 15 saw their numbers rise from 20 in 2014 to 36 this year. Germany's Felix Hahn began with victories on the first day, but then his supremacy was challenged by Britain's Matthew Luff, while the French Bastien Flahaut like last year won the last race of the World Masters. Luff eventually topped the standings ahead of Hahn and the young Frenchman Rémy Goville, rewarded for his consistency.

- Sprint Cup : Impressive Caprasse -

The Senior Sprint Cup alternated between the effective Sodi GT5R and the powerful Sodi RX250 to decide the result. The Belgian Kevin Caprasse, 7th in 2014, achieved his overall victory by winning the first four races and then taking the title against the French driver Julien Azzopardi. 3rd place went down to the wire in the super final of the World Masters. The Belgian Simon Delvenne took a great victory, and his compatriot Mathy Vanbrabant was on the third step of the podium.

- Endurance: World triumph for the Pastina Veneto Corse -

Organized from midnight to noon on the Sodi RT8, the Endurance Cup was won by the Italian team Pastina Corse Veneto, led by Damiano Marchesan, just 15" ahead of the Belgians Modave Racing PPS after 648 laps, or 777 km. 3rd place went to the Emirati team CG Pro Racing, 2nd in 2014, ably assisted by David Terrien who remained at the wheel for more than 6 hours, Batelco (BHR) finished 4th like last year and BG Racing (Technikart-France) was 5th, all on one lap. The team CER ASK Karting of RKC took 6th place having long fought in the top three. The Alfa Romeo Team, 8th in the standings, set the fastest time of the race.

Beyond the final victories, the pleasure of all the participants was the main goal. Between the Sprint Cup, the Junior Cup and Endurance Cup, 120 prizes were distributed to 62 different drivers including 26 winners and 40 podiums during the meeting. The awards ceremony of the 2015 Sodi World Finals took place at a particularly popular celebration evening.

Given the general mood at the RKC venue and the smiles from those present at the event, the mission of 3MK Events was a success. It showed that karting is a sport accessible to all and full of fun, the message that Sodi strives to get across to the greatest number, year after year.
July 16th 2015
John Surtees OBE officially launched the new Buckmore Park Karting Limited on Wednesday 15 July. The launch saw the unveiling of an all-new fleet of 50 2016 model Sodi RT8 390cc karts in the striking blue and yellow Team Surtees livery of the successful European Championship Winning Formula Two TS10 Car.

During the launch 'Great British Bake Off', TV presenter Paul Hollywood, demonstrated one of the new karts. Whilst Formula Ford Championship winning driver, Scott Malvern took to the circuit in the Surtees TS10 Formula Two car which John won the Imola Gold Cup and the Japanese Grand Prix in 1972. Guests were also given the opportunity to be the first to try out the new karts, or given the option to a thrilling passenger ride in a twin-seater kart driven by Scott Malvern.

John Surtees OBE also unveiled the €˜John Button€™ suite in memory of Jenson Button’s late father. The walls have been painted pink, and features two photos of Jenson and John Button, which were specifically chosen by Jenson. A specially framed pink shirt also graces its wall in honour of John Button.

For many Formula 1 fans, the pink shirt is synonymous with John Button, who was also affectionately known as ‘Papa Smurf’. When John passed away, Jenson Button and his sisters Natasha, Samantha and Tanya launched the #PinkForPapa campaign encouraging fans to wear Papa Smurf pink T shirts in his memory. To support the initiative, Team McLaren worked with Jenson to create a special pink T-shirt for fans, in which proceeds were donated to the Henry Surtees Foundation.

John Surtees said, ‘I first created an association with John Button when he supplied Henry’s first Comer kart engines from his Rocket company. Both Jenson and my late son Henry enjoyed success in their karting careers here at Buckmore Park.

He continued “The #PinkForPapa campaign was a lovely initiative to honour John, I’m sure he would’ve been amused by the publics enthusiastic reaction at the 2014 British Grand Prix. We are very grateful that the family chose HSF to be beneficiary of the funds raised from the T Shirt sales. The John Button Suite here at Buckmore, will serve as a lasting tribute to John Button too”.

John Surtees, the Edenbridge-based businessman, who won the Formula One World Championship in 1964, after winning seven World Motorcycle Championships recently took control of Buckmore Park. The venue is one of the most picturesque circuits in the UK, and is rich in karting heritage, its 52 years of karting excellence has seen the likes of champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button hone their racing skills. John would like Buckmore to continue to become a major feeder for youngsters to further their career in motorsport. His aim is to continue to improve the facilities of Buckmore Park, and to integrate some of the objectives of the Henry Surtees Foundation. The Henry Surtees Foundation aims to raise funds to support accident care, with particular emphasis on head injuries, and help educate and train young people with motorsport-related programmes in technology, engineering and road safety instruction for two and four wheels.

Buckmore Park is recognised as one of the UK's premier outdoor karting circuits presenting an exciting challenge to would be champions and the world of corporate karting. It’s undulating nature is a superb training ground for future British World Champions. It’s also the place where John’s late son Henry was first introduced to karting.

Notes to editors:
Two decades of racing at the highest level, almost equally divided between 2 and 4 wheel racing, and eight World Championships in both disciplines. John Surtees is by far the most iconic motorsport character having been able to master two different disciplines at the highest level, something no other racer has ever been close to achieve. Over the years John Surtees has established strong links with the Karting scene, which he passionately nurtures thanks to his involvement with Buckmore Park, one of the most prestigious karting facilities in the country. Founder of Team Surtees that built race winning Formula 2, Formula 5000 and Formula 1 cars between 1969 -€“ 1979.

Available for interview:
John Surtees OBE, is also the Founder of the Henry Surtees Foundation

For more information please contact:
Rebecca Leppard
PR Manager for John Surtees OBE
01452 260063/07749 852481

Credits to the photographer: Simon Burchett
For making the foto's for Buckmore park.
July 14th 2015
On July a new fleet of GT4 karts where delivered to kart circuit œDe Fabrique
De Fabrique in Utrech Holland is a well known place for karting, laser tag and all kind of events.
The GT4 200 s are the succes of De Fabrique, the most used and loved by the customers.

De Fabrique as it says is a kart circuit build in a old mill for animal food.
With some key elements still remaining of the factory, the experience of karting there is sublime.
And with the new fleet of karts we have a happy repeat Sodikart customer, with a new fleet of karts every year.
Fun and exitement garenteed for all ages.

Congratulations to de Fabrique and the staff.
July 23rd 2014
State-Of-The-Art Karts for the UK's Premier Circuit
Daytona Motorsport is delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new fleet of Sodi RT8 Karts at Daytona Milton Keynes from this Friday!
The RT8 390cc karts will be used for all Exclusive and Open Races and for all Senior Arrive&Drive sessions from Friday 25th July onwards.

Featuring a host of technological advances, the karts offer the best pro-kart driving experience available.
Daytona Motorsport launched their first fleet of Sodi RT8s at the Sandown Park circuit a month ago and have received really good feedback from drivers. Following our extensive testing on the International Circuit, we are confident that they will be welcomed by the Milton Keynes drivers!
If you want to be one of the first drivers to experience the brand new karts, book online or call us on 0845 644 5503 now!

June 25th 2014
Congratulations for Daytona Sandown with the new fleet SODI RT8 390

We welcome Daytona Sandown and soon Daytona Milton Keynes and Daytona indoor Manchester as a Sodi user and thanks to the management to entrust us with you entire fleet.

This fleet with top of the line Sodi RT8 karts will boost the business.

August 6th 2013
Nuttscorner cicuit has taken delivery of a fleet new GT5 270 Sodikarts.
Circuit manager Raymie Eastwood is very happy with his new fleet of karts and they bring up his very nice outdoor track up to a higher leval.
The customers like the karts very much and all customers fit in the karts perfectly because of the asjustable seats and pedals.
We wish Nuttscorner Circuit lots of succes with their new SODI fleet.
May 29th 2013
Recognized as the undisputed leader in kart rentals thanks to the outstanding quality of its chassis, SODIKART has partnered with the specialized electrical industry leaders to develop a new generation of electric rental karts.

Powerful, ergonomic, safe and environmentally friendly, the new RTX has been fully designed using ENGEC electric technology, opening new horizons for the world of karting.

March 8th 2013
Buckmore Park Karting has just taken delivery of no less than 65 brand new karts for the 2013 season. Fifty of these are Sodikart manufactured RT8 with 390cc Honda evolution engines. These have been built to Buckmore exacting specification and are already in use for all adult hire kart events to great acclaim. The Junior Club fleet has also been replaced with new Sodi 160cc karts and these were first raced a few days ago by the Junior Club drivers who were very enthusiastic about the close racing that resulted.
Buckmore M.D. Bill Sisley said: This £300,000 investment shows Buckmore's commitment to quality and the future. It comes in the same year in which we celebrate our 50th anniversary and this is just one facet of many exciting improvements we have planned for the circuit in the near future.
When asked why he had chosen Sodikart as the supplier Bill replied: We have worked closely with Sodikart over the last five years and the partnership has been very successful for both companies. Sodikart, like ourselves, come from a racing background and understand the needs of the leisure driver but are also fully committed to providing a technologically advanced product range together with first class safety and excellent back up. Sodikart have also pioneered the Sodi World Series, a world championship for hire kart enthusiasts, and this has been very useful in building grids during a time when others are struggling. We are delighted with our partnership with Sodikart.