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Security is one of our customers’ expectations. For SODIKART, it is a requirement, a "fundamental" of the company. Thus, SODIKART has always been committed to fully invest in all technical and /or prevention measures designed to reduce risks.

Based on accidentology and on the 1,000 tracks fitted with SODI chassis throughout the world, over many years SODIKART has acquired outstanding and unique knowledge on accident and shock mechanisms indoor or outdoor. SODIKAT constantly works to reinforce its experience and is the first kart manufacturer in the world who has invested, following the example of the major automobile manufacturers, in crash-tests in partnership with organizations such as the UTAC (Union Technique de l’Automobile du motocycle et du Cycle).

H.E.A.D. System
These multiple experiences have reinforced the position of SODIKART who patented the “HEAD System” in 2009, a high energy absorption system which provides an all new level of safety and comfort on a rental kart. Safety is the major ongoing issue of our technical considerations and the ambition of our teams.
How does SODIKART address security on an international level?
SODIKART reinforced its security policy on expanding its activity to an international scope. In many markets, the mandatory and regulatory protection mechanisms are different from those known in Europe. Therefore SODIKART now has the knowledge to consistently meet the expectations of each market by precisely adapting its product range in collaboration with the local administrative authorities.
Head system