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technical details
Recognized as the undisputed leader in kart rentals thanks to the outstanding quality of its chassis, SODIKART has partnered with the specialized electrical industry leaders to develop a new generation of electric rental karts.

Powerful, ergonomic, safe and environmentally friendly, the new RTX has been fully designed using ENGEC electric technology, opening new horizons for the world of karting.

Head System
Exclusive Chassis
Performance and precision
One of the most distinctive features of the RTX is its "cycle part" and specifically its chassis. Based on manufacturing knowledge and experience since 1981, the team of Sodikart engineers have designed an exclusive symmetrical chassis allowing a better weight distribution to improve behaviour and provide enhanced driving precision.

Its new lightweight architecture provides a better transfer of forces and allows to achieve the best performance of the electric motor.

- Exclusive symmetrical design providing a better weight distribution to improve behaviour
- Optimised chassis to reduce weight = performance boost
- New architecture for a better transfer of forces

A high-performance chassis, light and well-balanced for easy and precise driving.

Fully Ergonomic
100% adjustable driving position

Steering - Patented system

- Height-adjustable steering wheel (40mm travel)
- New ergonomic steering wheel
- Column mounted on silent blocks = Reduction of the vibrations, driving comfort and improved reliability of the chassis

Pedal mechanism - Patented system

- Pedal mechanism adjustable in depth with auto return
- Slides fitted at an angle for an effortless adjustment of the pedal mechanism
- Automatic pedal height based on the depth adjustment

Seat - Patented system

- New 4-position sliding system
- Easy and self-blocking adjustment

The RTX can be adapted to all your customers (from the age of 7)

100% Safe driving
Safety is priority
The RTX is fitted with a full absorption system with "ProSlide" patented rails and a patented front bumper fitted with the HEAD System (High Energy Absorption Design), providing one of the most outstanding security and comfort systems on a rental kart.

- HEAD System (High Energy Absorption Design)
- ProSlide Absorber (full absorption system with rails)
- Full body â€Â⤽ Protection of the rotating and electrical partss
- Interlock in charging mode

Safe and comfortable driving significantly reducing fatigue and the risk of accidents. Your customers will be up for another run!
The ENGEC Technology
A concentrate of expertise

Electrical power

The ENGEC engine is the core of our propulsion system and has been specifically developed for kart racing. As a result of our research and development activities since 2006 we have developed a brushless asynchronous electric motor exclusively adapted for kart racing track use.

Reliable, compact and powerful, this new ENGEC motor allows the RTX to perform linear ramp-ups and stunning bursts of speed, the ultimate thrill for drivers.
- High-performance, powerful and compact
- Maintenance-free
- Silent and non-polluting

No maintenance, maximum performance!
Technical files
RT 8
RX 250