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October 26th 2018
Surbiton have taken delivery of the new LR5

July 13th 2018

"We are delighted to have taken delivery of our new Sodi RT8 karts. The feedback we've had back from customers has been fantastic. The subtle bodywork changes and new livery have really elevated the aesthetics and the performance remains unrivaled. Thank you to the team at Sodi for their continued support."

Kind regards,

Marketing Manager
April 13th 2018
Anglia Indoor Karting have taken delivery of the new Sodi SR5 LPG Karts.
We wish Paula and her team there every success
April 13th 2018
Whilton Mill take delivery of 30 new SR5 390cc

Whilton Mill have two new fleets of Sodi Karts this year to go with some great improvements to their club house to include a new bar and restaurant. Big investment by Roger to improve one of the nicest tracks in the Uk
They have the new Sodi SR4 270cc for the 450m Mill track
For the 390cc Sodi SR5s you can race on the 1200m international track

We wish Roger, Graeme and the team every success

July 23rd 2014
State-Of-The-Art Karts for the UK's Premier Circuit
Daytona Motorsport is delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new fleet of Sodi RT8 Karts at Daytona Milton Keynes from this Friday!
The RT8 390cc karts will be used for all Exclusive and Open Races and for all Senior Arrive&Drive sessions from Friday 25th July onwards.

Featuring a host of technological advances, the karts offer the best pro-kart driving experience available.
Daytona Motorsport launched their first fleet of Sodi RT8s at the Sandown Park circuit a month ago and have received really good feedback from drivers. Following our extensive testing on the International Circuit, we are confident that they will be welcomed by the Milton Keynes drivers!
If you want to be one of the first drivers to experience the brand new karts, book online or call us on 0845 644 5503 now!

June 25th 2014
Congratulations for Daytona Sandown with the new fleet SODI RT8 390

We welcome Daytona Sandown and soon Daytona Milton Keynes and Daytona indoor Manchester as a Sodi user and thanks to the management to entrust us with you entire fleet.

This fleet with top of the line Sodi RT8 karts will boost the business.

August 6th 2013
Nuttscorner cicuit has taken delivery of a fleet new GT5 270 Sodikarts.
Circuit manager Raymie Eastwood is very happy with his new fleet of karts and they bring up his very nice outdoor track up to a higher leval.
The customers like the karts very much and all customers fit in the karts perfectly because of the asjustable seats and pedals.
We wish Nuttscorner Circuit lots of succes with their new SODI fleet.
May 29th 2013
Recognized as the undisputed leader in kart rentals thanks to the outstanding quality of its chassis, SODIKART has partnered with the specialized electrical industry leaders to develop a new generation of electric rental karts.

Powerful, ergonomic, safe and environmentally friendly, the new RTX has been fully designed using ENGEC electric technology, opening new horizons for the world of karting.

March 8th 2013
Buckmore Park Karting has just taken delivery of no less than 65 brand new karts for the 2013 season. Fifty of these are Sodikart manufactured RT8 with 390cc Honda evolution engines. These have been built to Buckmore exacting specification and are already in use for all adult hire kart events to great acclaim. The Junior Club fleet has also been replaced with new Sodi 160cc karts and these were first raced a few days ago by the Junior Club drivers who were very enthusiastic about the close racing that resulted.
Buckmore M.D. Bill Sisley said: This £300,000 investment shows Buckmore's commitment to quality and the future. It comes in the same year in which we celebrate our 50th anniversary and this is just one facet of many exciting improvements we have planned for the circuit in the near future.
When asked why he had chosen Sodikart as the supplier Bill replied: We have worked closely with Sodikart over the last five years and the partnership has been very successful for both companies. Sodikart, like ourselves, come from a racing background and understand the needs of the leisure driver but are also fully committed to providing a technologically advanced product range together with first class safety and excellent back up. Sodikart have also pioneered the Sodi World Series, a world championship for hire kart enthusiasts, and this has been very useful in building grids during a time when others are struggling. We are delighted with our partnership with Sodikart.